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Web Design

Hopefully this site has impressed upon you AI's greatest strength: Web design. AI's Creator, S.M. Lein, began designing web sites in 1995 and has striven for excellence ever since.

An AI site is meant to stand out from the rest. Therefore, our sites never have been, and never will be created from a template or cookie cutter design (unless requested by the client). Each business is different, so each web site should be different. A web site is a natural extension of the business, a 24/7 advertisement, and should look and act as such.

If you're not convinced that AI stands out from the rest, take a gander at the AI portfolio, and you'll have all the proof you need. =)

Most recent site design

Backstage With Jon Bon Jovi
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E-commerce web sites

Many web sites serve the purpose of promotion or information. They tell users about the company, service, etc, or they try to bring people to the real life store, bar, concert, etc. But if you sell products offline, selling them online is a natural progression, and a great way to increase your profits.

Partnering with Monster Commerce, AI can create attractive e-stores that fit your image, are easy for your customers to navigate through, purchase items, and track their orders. The best things about MC is the combination of shopping cart power and ease of use on the back end for you. Once the site is built and running, upkeep is so EASY, you may never need AI again: add/remove/edit products, images, shipping choices, discount schemes, stock inventory, email blasts and more! Invest in the creation of your e-commerce site, and you'll be increasing sales in no time.

Most recent e-commerce site design

Steppin' Birkenstock Shoes
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Web Site Pricing

The down side to receiving a custom-designed web site is that it is impossible to give up front pricing without a consultation to discuss your specific wants and needs.

Typically, An AI site starts around $1000 for design and production (hosting not included). However, even the description of "a simple, static information site" can cost up to a few thousand dollars, all depending on the size, contents, and design of the site. All design costs are estimated using our hourly rate, and a 30% deposit is required before work is begun.
Please contact us to discuss your design needs.