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Logo/Identity Design

Whether you're starting a business or starting a band, your image is crucial. When you put your name on something, you want people to know you mean business. The goal in creating a logo and identity is to successfully "brand" your product. When someone sees your logo on something and remembers exactly who you are, what you do, and how you do it, you've done it. A logo design could be as simple as finding the right typeface for your name, or finding the right icon/bug by which to mark your product. For example, how effective would it be to see the band name KISS in fancy script? And when you see golden arches, or a swoosh, you know exactly what company that product belongs to. Those are bugs that have truly reached icon status. If you want to make your mark, you start with a logo.

Identities are complete designs using your logo on anything from business cards to letterhead, envelopes to folders. A full identity completes your entire package. Every time someone sees your name or logo on a piece of collateral form your company, they'll see it as part of a whole.

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Logo/Identity Pricing

Logo designs typically cost between $500 and $1000 depending mostly on the complexity of the logo and the time it takes to complete the logo in the various formats you might need. Sure, you can find logo designs much cheaper elsewhere, but in most cases, you'll get cookie cutter designs and just one file format of the design, usually a .jpg meant for web sites. When AI designs a logo, you get what you really need: a personal, custom logo design, in multiple formats that will allow you to use your logo in print and digital designs, along with the Pantone and RGB colors in your logo, respectively.

Full identities are much harder to price without first discussing your needs. Which pieces will be designed along with what deliverables (from fully finished and printed materials being delivered to you, or just the files which you can bring to your own printer) will be added to the logo cost, vary the final cost greatly. All design costs are estimated using our hourly rate, and a 30% deposit is required before work is begun.
Please contact us to discuss your design needs.