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Web Design

Our main focus at AI is web design. The AI Creator, Shawn Lein, started creating web sites while studying graphic design and fine arts in college, back in 1996. This was long before there were courses in web design, even before there were HTML editors, and even before there was a stable web browser in which to view web sites. Shawn has since worked with some of the best designers (both print and digital) programmers and navigation specialists, and has learned form every one of them. That's why he handles every job personally, or oversees those who assist in producing the final product.

From the creation standpoint, every AI site has to answer three questions:
1) Does it work well, load easily, and produce the information for the right user?
2) Can you navigate through it quickly and find what you're looking for easily?
3) Does it look damn good while doing it?

Of course, when those questions are successfully answered, there is one more: Does it please the client? The first three questions can present problems. But they are problems that can always be fixed. In the end, if the client isn't happy, none of the work really matters.

Look through the AI portfolio. It is filled with clients who are very happy with our work. Shawn believes you will be too.

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