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Get On MLS

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- In under 6 months, the average nightly transaction total was $7500 (2/3 of the website dev cost!)
- Mentioned in Money Magazine as "one of the best ways to sell your home" and "save thousands of dollars."

This site revolutionized the way we sell our homes. Instead of paying a 6% real estate commission, the seller pays $495 to list his home on the Multiple Listing Service, and 3% to the buyer's agent, saving thousands of dollars. GetOnMLS.com is the web gateway to network of real estate agents, mortgage professionals and real estate visionaries that make it happen.

The design of this site needed to be energetic and enticing, while being easy to read and navigate. This started with the design of the logo. The colors were carried through the site and the arrows used in the nav bar to show motion and to point back to the logo. The yard sign in the top right is faked, but adds to the depth of the design, and shows the ambition of the company.

This design leaves much open room for expanding content while providing space for advertising in both text and image formats.

After selling the idea, the most important function of a site like this is making the process as easy as possible. The steps are very simple: select your state, and get a list of counties where agents are available. If your area is available, you fill out a simple contact and payment form. After submitting the form, you're contacted by an agent. Simplicity and clarity is the key in completing the sale.

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