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Compliance Alliance

©2011 by Compliance Alliance, LLC

Compliance Alliance was already a successful medical OSHA compliance company in Las Vegas. However, their lack of a web site was becoming a hinderance to their business. AI was called upon to create the first stage of this site as marketing and informational solution.

Because the audience is split between doctors and dentists, each with their own needs, the information design of the homepage is split to reflect the audience.

One of the primary goals of the site is to generate warm leads. As such, each page includes a "quick" contact form requesting a free inspection of the medical/dental office. This form is only 3 fields long as opposed to the much longer form on the Contact page.

The site will also include Twitter feeds, updated OSHA news feeds, and links to other social media to help build an OSHA-conscious community in Las Vegas, with Compliance Alliance as the hub.