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Steppin' Birkenstock Shoes

©2003 by Steppin' Birkenstock Shoes

Steppin' Birkenstock Shoes decided to redesign the site AI designed four years ago (that original design can be seen here). This decision was based on the need for a new upgraded feel as well as a need for a more powerful shopping cart program to make online sales more efficient (that will be address next).

One little touch the client loved is the randomly loaded image at the top of the page. Every load brings one of 20 or so shoes to the back of the nav bar. Keep an eye on the bar while looking at the screen grabs.

Here's a look at the inside of the shopping cart. This site is powered by Monster Commerce. While the shopping cart limits just how much control we have over design and layout, it is both highly customizable and powerful.

In this particular case, AI created the SBS nav bar to replace the standard one, modified the colors and standard buttons to match our design. The result is a cohesive look and feel and a streamlined sales point for the client.

Not all the pages have to be enveloped in the shopping cart panes. This is one of the supporting pages added to help provide the shopper with more information. While it may not be terribly exciting, it does fit well into the site, and is free of the left and right sides of (at this point) unnecessary information.

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