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Digital Art & Illustration

This is where AI gets to bring the Art to the science of design. AI's Creator has a passion for dynamic digital art and illustration and is happy to create pieces to complete your web identity design.

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Identity Design

Your business identity is more than just a catchy name and logo. Your identity creates the emotions in your customers that build trust and loyalty. AI creates identities and marketing materials for lasting impressions.

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Web Design

All Artful Intelligence web sites are created with attention paid to the User Experience and Usability and made to use natural Search Engine Optimization for the best possible results

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Backstage JBJ site

Backstage With Jon Bon Jovi
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The User Experience begins before the first click and doesn't end after the sale...

You may have heard the term "User Experience" before. It's the key to creating loyal customers, fans, and associates in whatever your business may be. Generally, people think the User Experience describes what happens when a person uses your website: Is it organized well? Is it easy to navigate and "user-friendly"? Does it have a professional "look and feel"? And this IS part of the experience. But the true User Experience started long before the user got to your site and continues long after.

Artful Intelligence understands that the first bond begins with your Corporate Identity (your logo, cards, letterhead, etc), follows through to your web site, and continues with all other marketing materials. Only a well-crafted Marketing Solution can turn your orginization into a Brand. And only a partner as experienced, dedicated, and flexible as Artful Intelligence can help bring you and your organization to the next level of your success.